On the Mxl 770 vs 990 comparison, there’s a lot to love especially considering at their price range, you won’t find better condenser microphones at their cost. You can record two tracks at a time no latency and they can be used with a computer by USB. They are versatile, clear and warm in their sound and can sound raw as well. What you choose to buy really comes down to your needs and preferences but they are excellent at an entry level pricing range.

The MXL 990 is a bit pricier than the MXL 770. The MXL 770 is a Cardioid condenser mic that needs phantom type energy. The MXL 770 is a diaphragm condenser microphone that runs for approximately two hundred dollars brand spanking new, which places it in a similar value vary as some other favored mics that are comparable to it such as the NT1A and 770X. These do set themselves apart from the MXL in various ways. The MXL 770 and 990 can be viewed as longer and broader in terms of their overall makeup. It’s personal preference really on which you’d rather for your uses of these microphones. This MXL 990 is more versatile, cleaner and not as… hmmm.. muddy is a good word. Again the focal point is that it is a clean sounding mic. It’s pretty tame above 15 kHz and there are minor variations between the mxl 770 vs 990. The MXL 770 Condenser Microphone is one of the best microphones you'll find on the market. Great for recording acoustic guitars too. With that said, the MXL 770 and MXL 990 are more likely to capture many aspects and particulars in sound. Both microphones are recommended for use in acoustic environments for the astounding output. The MXL 990 is a ground breaking microphone in the industry. The 770 and the 990 have normal cardioid polar pickup patterns and both are great at rejecting noise. Noise that may come from the back among other feature aspects that make them ideal or singling in on sole sound sources. Another ideal aspect of both of these microphones is that the pad and filter are unique and especially good when compared to other mics of consideration that compete with these mics too. Artists, the world over have tremendous respect for these microphones. Both the Mxl 770 and the Mxl 990. Consider the bass and upfront high end, the Mxl is tough to beat. The lining of this microphone is in black, and so are MXL's emblem and the title of the microphone which you can too spot on the entrance of the 990. When it comes to delicate sounds, the Mxl 770 exceeds in this area. Consider the featureset the 770 edges out the 990 between the two. The 770 is hot and the 990 is warm, but both are tremendous microphones. However, the MXL 990 is perfect if you’re looking to test the water with audio interfaces and professional set up configurations. Nevertheless, the MXL 990 is often compared to the 770. You can’t really go wrong with either of these. MXL is top tier in the vocal tech industry, and we are going to compare two of their best models – the MXL 770 and MXL 990.Specifically, both of these microphones boast high qualities and a exceptional worth for the money on account of a premium-high quality feature outfit and off-the-charts efficiency levels. Source: https://mxl770vs990v.com Additional Mic sutff. There are certified teachers in Europe as well that teach the techniques and we did master classes in different parts of the planet and it's really fantastic. We're helping people learn how to sing quite well. – So let me ask you this, you said, “We teach people to sing amazing.” – Yes. – Can you teach anyone to sing amazing? – That's a really good question. The general population generally thinks that you're kind of born to sing or you're not. That's not necessarily true, everybody can learn to sing. Singing is a sport and athletic endeavor, it's very similar to gymnastics or say maybe ice skating or gymnastics, in the sense that it requires great physical strength and coordination but also there's an aesthetic beauty to it as well. So singing is like that, when you come work with me we're going to do special techniques and skills and what have you that will build the strength and muscular strength and the coordination of your larynx and muscles inside and in coordination with the respiratory system to make you learn how to sing great. Essentially we're going to build, a high performance human phonation, a sports car a fighter jet in here that will enable you to sing anyway you want to sing. And 9 or 10 people can do it, if you if you have a big heart and you train. You got a good teacher and you training to practice, you can learn to sing. – So I think that's common misconception that we briefly touched on but it myself included, until just right now. – Yeah. – Assumed well you just have to really be born to sing. – It's not true, it's not true. The margin between the person that steps into my studio that has great talent or maybe a slightly favorable physiology for singing, versus kind of the average Joe like me that needs to practice a lot to get better. The margin of difference is about 90 days of practicing. It's really– – 90 days?. – Yeah it's not that big of deal. – Okay microphones, alright so let's see here. – So different microphones for different situations obviously. – Yeah that's true yeah, different bikes for different situations. Are those mostly dynamic mics that you brought with you today? – No these are, yeah these are dynamic mics, these are all handheld live mics. There are dynamic mics and there is handheld condenser mics. And recent years microphone manufacturers have been making handheld condenser mics it's kind of a new idea. – Really? – You did not now that? – I did not know that. – Absolutely and microphone is like a cowboy hat, it's like your motorbike, it's a pair of boots, it's a very personal thing it really is and you have to test mics. I can make recommendations in the chances are those recommendations will, you'll be pleased with those mics but when you go to Guitar Center or something like this, you need to, you know test a few microphones and voices are all very different so it really depends on which mic you wanna use. – So these are all great mics but back in the day, all you could really get is like an SM58. Now, everybody's making a mic they're getting into the game and that's fun, it's cool because there's a lot of good products out there now that people aren't even aware of. I mean I've got some funky stuff in here. – Show us please. – Show us the funky stuff. – So let me dive in, let me tell you what I got, it's pretty cool you might be surprised what people are doing mics. It's built like a Sherman tank, you can drop this thing on the floor in fact we talked about the SM58. If you wanted a microphone to replace the SM58 it would probably be this the Rode M1, okay it's fantastic. you have to you have to power this mic up because it's a condenser microphone that means it's more sensitive. It has more presence it's a hotter mic and as I said before in the before in the new line of handheld condenser microphones, taking condenser mics into live shows instead of just only in studios. This is one of the few that are on the market and it's great. – That is crazy. – Best thing about Rode microphones in my opinion is, they're super durable and the value is great. I mean for really fair price to get a lot of microphones so I wanted to start with those guys because it would be a mic that I'm certainly recommending. After that the another mic that I want to recommend is the electrovoice 767a it's been a microphone that we've used at the vocalist studio for over 8 or 10 years, lot of my students have gone out and bought it. I have several of them, the electrovoice 767a also is a great value. And what's really nice about it is the element the diaphragm is super big, now what that means is when you get up to the microphone, you get a little extra boom boom on it. It's a fat boomy mic. – Okay now I'm gonna get into a higher and more expensive mics for good reason. You know Germany has a great reputation for making great cars right? They certainly do, they make the cars, they make the best cars in the world. They also make the best microphones in the world if you've not realized so just absolutely hands down, their microphones are amazing. You have the Rode microphone and you have all of these, all of these mics and then you have the German mics and then the sense the German mics almost sit in entire class by themselves. – I want to show you these German mics. This is the Sennheiser 935e. – Love me some Sennheiser. – Oh my gosh, it's absolutely amazing it is a kick butt mic. This is the AKG D7 from Berlin absolutely sounds amazing so if you have a little extra money, little extra budget, go German. This is another German microphone this is a condenser handheld mic this is the Neumann 104, this is about $700.00 microphone it's the best microphone in the entire kit here and it basically will make sound like god. – It's a cheap Neumann too for what they sell. – Handheld condenser so you can go into a studio and potentially with this microphone record handheld which as an artist might give you a little bit more– – May I check that out for a second. – Yeah sure of course don't drop it. – To give you a perspective some of their studio mics start at about $3000. – Yeah yeah so Neumann – Legendary. – Neumann is another German company in their mics are just amazing. – Fastback has, don't you guys have like, a incredibly ancient Neumann stereo mic? – Yeah yeah SM7. – Yeah worth more than my car. – Some companies kinda dabbling with it you've Digitech, which makes good pedals and then you have these guys that also make this microphone I referenced earlier from little tiny company called, pedals for singers, they're absolutely amazing they kick butt and this is a bunch of their pedals. Don't know if you can see them or not. – Can you make sure we get close up of the panels. – Wanna take a look at these. I do have a security system in my studio so nobody can break in.  I imagine like us guitar players the pedals are not cheap. – The pedals are not, well it depends on which one. I'll just bust through these pretty quickly. – Okay. – They has built the voice tone pedals, voice tone yeah, the voice tone create pedal is this blue one here. This the first pedal they came up with about 4 years ago it still kicks butt. This is this has like 100 presets in it, so it has 10 reverbs, 10 delays, 10 thickening or doubling sounds. It's got some transducer effects which is like the sounds that you talk through a megaphone kind of effects. It's got some genre mixes like there's 10 pop R&B settings and stuff it's just really nice to have a pre set. – Absolutely. – Because you know, unlike these guys probably, guitarists are used to fiddling with gear, they're used to turning knobs and manuals and things like. – The entire reason we're here. – But singers really aren't, singers are a little bit– – Forgotten. – Simpler because it's just we haven't had that opportunity so get out of that environment, in my opinion what singers really need is just stop-boxes, we need simple it's on, it's off, it's loud, it's low, levels of things like this. – Anyway this is the first multipurpose pedal for singers, I totally recommend it it's a TC create pedal kicks butt. Then they came out with this series of, they call them the singles those voice tone singles. – Let me hold that for you, I'll hold it out while you. – Alright, so I'm gonna save the best for last but these 4 are voice tone singles and singles are kind of a little bit more like, what guitarist do, where you get just a reverb pedal, just a doubler pedal and just a compression pedal and they even have a pitch correction pedal in here as well. And they're great, they're fantastic you network 'em all up and if you really want like a whole line of pedals, you can go with the voice tone singles. Give us delay, give us reverb, give us a level, “give us a mute button and that\'s it right.” And they finally came out and they built this, this pedal right here and it's the least expensive, it's affordable. – It's always the best ones. – It's only $150, a $150 and this is the Mic Mechanic, it's a stopbox for singers a kick butt. It'll give you reverb, it will give you delay, it'll give you a little bit of pitch correction it's gotta to nob to kind of warm up the sound it kicks ass for $150 that's a no brainer. – I totally wanna try it And this is– – There's a quite lot of singers that need that, especially the pitch correction. – I'm sure a lot of singers, every single can benefit from this. The pitch correction doesn't really, it doesn't fix like, you really out of pitch it doesn't, it's just only on the margin. And that's not that's not the coolest thing about the pedal, it's really the effects. But all of their pedals are quite good actually and they're well built, it's not cheap stuff, it's not plastic. – They look pretty solid. – It's all made out of good strong steel and they hold up forever. – Do you find when you're teaching, that it's better for students to have a little bit of ambiance on their voice than just the dry mic? – That's a really good question. – I try. – No but you tried but you do a good job, that's a really good question. When you're training vocal skills and you're working out yeah. Have a little bit of sauce, now don't have delay, don't have doubling, don't have flange, don't have the kind of the crazy stuff but a little reverb. Just a little tiny bit of reverb when you training, absolutely it's not going to hurt you a bit because when you're training, just like when you're playing practicing guitar or any other instrument. When you're training your voice<, it needs to be fun too. And I'll tell you what, I mean. Dry Nothing worse than gigging or even practicing skills with absolutely, some flat dry signal and absolutely no no sauce or depth to the signal. – Compression and reverb required. – Compressed is okay but at least just a little tiny bit, even just an old spring reverb is fine if you're training. If you're gigging then you know get into the delay and some of the other stuff yeah.

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